She was a huge asset in walking us through the buying process

We purchased our first home with Johanna of Living PDX and we knew then that we had been extremely lucky in finding her. She was a huge asset in walking us through the buying process.

We recently sold that home and bought another. Again, we used Johanna and we found her to be even more helpful this time around. She helped us through the sales process while simultaneously and patiently helping us to find the home that was right for us.

Johanna brings multiple strengths to the process. She has a strong knowledge of real estate and the Portland market in particular. She is extremely patient and diligent when dealing with clients. We looked at many homes with her during both home buying processes. She was extremely flexible with her time and never drug her feet.

The personal touch that we experienced through the process was one of the key strengths in my opinion. She took the time to really understand what we were looking for and helped us to realize our vision. During the process, we came close to pulling the trigger on homes that fell short of our expectations and needs. She realized that we would not be happy in the long run and helped us get past our angst.

In the end, we found a home that we really love and fits our short and long term family goals. A huge part of us getting to this point was the professionalism, caring and hard work of Johanna.

I highly recommend Living PDX Real Estate for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Top notch!

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